Nicole Delellis

Nicole Delellis

Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University


Nicole S. Delellis is a doctoral student in Library and Information Science at the University of Western Ontario, and a member of Dr. Rubin’s LiT.RL lab since 2017. Her research interest resides within information behaviour. A background in Psychology and English Literature has influenced Nicole’s critical multi-disciplinary approach to the examination of human information behaviour, while a sustained concussion has altered her research trajectory to focusing on the impact concussion patients’ cognitive impairments have on information behaviour.

Past research includes a two-term guided research project under supervision of Dr. Rubin, which examined perceptions of information literacy and ‘fake news’ among academics’ integral to IL’s implementation within a post-secondary institution. A short three-page summary of results can be found in ASIS&T 2018 proceedings, and a joint-authorship book chapter extending discussion of this case study has been published.