Creative intervention centers: How campus makerspaces can be tweaked to combat the pandemic-induced mental health crisis


By no means are creative intervention centers a replacement for professional mental health care. They are, however, an extension of library services in an effort to improve the quality of life for college students. Through a review of literature that links creativity and art to mental health, several best practices were discovered that librarians can apply to their makerspaces (even if that space is the temporary pop-up kind). This paper presentation is for library workers who wish to nurture the whole student and embrace the power to save lives through wellness-informed makerspaces. The challenges of pandemic life are stressful, but it is depressing college students to an extent that is at best impeding their academic success and at worst causing them to seek an all-encompassing final solution to a treatable temporary problem. Higher education institutions in the United States and Canada have been wrestling with a COVID-19 pandemic coinciding outbreak—suicide. Enrollment rates are stagnant or decreasing, but the demand for campus mental health care has skyrocketed. While partnerships with mental health professionals in the form of library programming is always a good option, small adjustments to library makerspaces can enable them to serve as creative intervention centers.

Jun 6, 2022 10:00 AM