Assistive technology in the library services of Lebanese universities for students with visual needs


My proposal is a research paper about the assistive technology in the library services of Lebanese universities for people with visual needs. Universities libraries have social responsibilities to present the services to all categories of users regardless of their gender, age, race, political affiliation or disability. However, many people with visual needs have limited access to library services most especially in developing countries like Lebanon. After an observation for the non-using of technology in library services, this study focused on the 47 universities Libraries in Lebanon. Using the Questionnaire method, the study assessed the assistive technology in libraries services provision to the visually impaired by academic libraries across the country. The study aimed to identify the using of assistive technology in the services of Lebanese universities libraries for VIP students in Lebanon. The main findings revealed that we have a lack of implementation of social responsibility in most Lebanese universities. secondly, the assistive technology in university library services for people with visual needs provided by 16 university libraries only, which affects the process of attracting students with visual needs to these universities. While the material problems were among the most prominent difficulties facing libraries in acquiring, using and operating assistive technology systems. Where they could use the computer lab in the library at least by Reliance on the open source programs if they cannot afford their costs. The results of this study will help the upcoming Visual Impaired students in those universities libraries to access information and services in Lebanon.

Apr 28, 2021 8:35 AM
Farah Sbeiti
Farah Sbeiti
Lebanese University, Lebanon

Farah Sbeiti is a University Lecturer & Information consultant & Library project manager. She is skilled in cataloging, indexing, teaching, and research. Strong business development professional and a Ph.D. candidate in Library and Information Science at the Lebanese University. A member of the Lebanese Library Association & the Arab Union for Libraries and Information. She has worked on many projects, published many articles, and participated in several conferences (AFLI, IFLA, SLA, and LLA), webinars, and workshops in the Arab World. As a young woman, she believes we should collaborate to innovate and to focus on Women empowerment and Decision Making.