Debunking Assumptions about Language in Information-Seeking


Monolingualism is often considered the “default” status in North America, and so too in LIS information-seeking scholarship. I present a few quick exemplars from my thesis-in-progress of highly-skilled Multilinguals’ Everyday Information Seeking that complicate monolingual assumptions about language skills, information availability, and university pedagogy.

Oct 2, 2020 10:07 AM — 10:14 AM
Sarah E. Cornwell
Sarah E. Cornwell
Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western University

Sarah E. Cornwell is a doctoral candidate in the LIS program at FIMS. Building on previous degrees in linguistics (MA), and Anthropology & Cognitive Psychology (BAS), her research interests include multilingualism, natural language processing, and everyday information seeking. In essence, she focuses on the interaction of information technologies and human linguistic diversity.